Kangz At it Again….

Holy revisionist history Batman, the We Wuz Kangz gang is trying to rewrite their own past again!


Some revisionist history by those who are desperate to claim that 2 + 2 = 3.

Aide from the fact that we literally have none of Aristotle’s books. Those were destroyed. What we have of Aristotle’s writings are cliff notes, the majority of which were made by the students he taught.

If Dr Clarke wanted to attribute to Africa some collection of writing: he should have chosen a different philosopher. Not one example of a completed book written by Aristotle exists today, what we have are assemblages of various writings and transcribed lectures.

More over, Alexander isn’t noted for burning any libraries…. If Clarke is referring to the Library of Alexandria having been burnt down: that wasn’t built yet. The Library of Alexandria was built by Ptolemy I Soter, construction on it only began 35 years after Alexander the Great Died. It didn’t burn down till the time of Julius Ceaser in 48 BC.

This is the level of buffoonery one can expect from the We Wuz Kangz Gang. Which, unsurprisingly, exists in some measure on Minds, and bless their little hearts. They’re just so horribly anxious to try and connect anything at all to accomplishments made by African Blacks, so they try to connect dots through Egypt. They don’t talk about something from Egypt as having been made by Egyptians – they talk about it coming from Africa.

I almost don’t have the heart to tell them that we’ve had the mummified bodies of Egyptians for well over a hundred years and many of them have naturally red hair. Plus we recently did DNA testing: not only were ancient Egyptians more closely related to Europeans than Sub-Saharan Africans: they’re more closely related to Europeans than they are to modern Egyptians who came to Egypt from Arabia.

The Independent UK: “Ancient Egyptians more closely related to Europeans than modern Egyptians, scientists claim
Original Article: here. Archived copies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The Washington Post: “DNA from ancient Egyptian mummies reveals their ancestry
Original Article: here. Archived copies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Original Article: here. Archived copies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


So not only was Clarke’s proclamations historically wrong, as easily pointed out above: but even the revisionist history he promoted simply linked back to Europeans because he, like so many other we wuz kangz wakandans – was operating under the premise that Egyptians were Blacks. I quite genuinely try to feel Empathy for these people, inventing false histories so they can feel pride over something.

The above study found that there was almost no Sub-Saharan African DNA found at all in Egypt until about 1,500 years ago, which is well after Egypt had become part of the eastern Roman Empire. By then Egypt was simply a provincial territory and the civilization which built monuments was long past it’s heyday.

Let’s recap…. Clarke has perpetuated myths designed to attribute a prominent philosopher’s work to blacks….

>Not knowing that the Library he named was only built AFTER the death of the person he claims LOOTED it.

Clarke literally claims that Alexander burned down the Library of Alexandria, as a cover story, for having looted the library. Never mind the fact that construction only began on the Library in 288 BC, 35 years after Alexander the Great died.

>Not knowing the philosopher who’s books he wants to accredit to blacks, has no completed books, for blacks to steal credit for.

If all you knew about Aristotle was that he was a famous philosopher and he taught Alexander as a child: you wouldn’t know that all of the books we have of Aristotle’s writing are nothing but cliff notes, discarded rough drafts and annotations of his lectures written down by his students. So Clarke, attempts to steal credit, in black people’s names, for books: he assumed exist – but don’t.

>Not knowing that Ancient Egypt was a Mediterranean / Peloponnesian civilization of seafaring White Europeans.

Even if Clarke managed, by deception, to convince people:
>that Aristotle’s non-existent books,
>had originally come from Ancient Egyptians,
>and were looted from a library,
>by a guy who died 35 years before that library was built,
>Clarke still couldn’t redistribute credit for these non-existent books,
>to Sub-Saharan African Blacks,
>because Ancient Egyptians,
>were white.

They try, they really do try so hard, bless their hearts.

[warning, following video contains severe ear-rape at beginning]

Look, I understand the need for identity and the want for success and achievement. I get that, I really do. I’m not unsympathetic to that aspect of self identity. However, desperately clawing at the accomplishments of others isn’t healthy. It’s not going to help you in any way, shape or form. Besides, Black Africans already have something to be take pride in.

Being alive.

Consider for a moment: Africa is horrible. Everything in Africa wants to murder you in a terrible way. Spiders, Snakes, Predators and even some of the herbivores will mercilessly slaughter you without so much as eating you. The hippopotamus is a vegetarian, stray too close to it’s turf and it will out right murder you. Africans have weathered the test of time in extremely inhospitable conditions, for untold millennia and have continued to survive.

Now that’s a verifiable fact, not a fabrication. Shouldn’t you really be taking ownership over that feat of human accomplishment?

Russians certainly do, as do Inuits/Eskimos. These people live in some of the harshest, most inhospitable conditions on the planet: and they own that fact. The Russian winter is so inhospitable to human life they’ve employed it as a battle tactic against multiple hostile aggressors attempting to invade their lands. The Russian winter is literally so dangerous: it defeats invading armies – yet the Russians weather it through perseverance and no shortage of dark humor.


Take a page from their book and stop trying to take credit for the achievements of others. It’s unsightly, immodest and frankly, pathetic. It will not illicit sympathy, it will garner pity and those who pity you will absolutely never respect you.

Oh, and by the way: it’s perfectly fine for white women to play Cleopatra. The woman was part of the Greek Ptolemy lineage by blood and died in 30 BC. Which is approximately 500 years before any Sub-Sharan DNA begins to be found in absolutely any Egyptian bodies that have been dug up anywhere in Egypt. So there literally was no mixing, racially, with blacks at the time because there’s not only no black Sub-Saharan African bodies found in Egypt in her time period: there isn’t even Sub-Saharan DNA found in any of the bodies found for another 500 years after her death.

Right now, outrage machines, the perpetually offended, whiny little millennials and BLM are all raising a hissy fit over the prospect of Angelina Jolie or Lady Gaga playing the role of Cleopatra. What they’re actually throwing a fit over is a fabricated version of history which all verifiable evidence contradicts. The claim that Ancient Egyptians: were black. Sorry Kangz, Cleopatra was a Greek white woman. More over, it’s no one’s job to placate your deep seated feelings of inadequacy.

Just because you want to scream “I do believe, I do believe” doesn’t mean Tinker bell’s going to turn black and it certainly doesn’t mean Cleopatra’s going to turn black either. You may be able to have a black woman play the role, but just like Hamilton, it doesn’t magically change the historical reality. Deal with it.


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