Am I or Are the Others Crazy?

Ladies and Gentlemen, and attack helicopters…. and mayonnaise…

Today I’m going to be walking you through a carnival fun house. Yes, the spooky kind with the weird mirrors and the coke bug carneys who touch you in the no-no place then give you cotton candy and tell you if you ever say anything about it they’ll kill your parents. That kind of carnival fun house.

We’re going to peer into one of those mirrors, step through the looking glass, follow the white rabbit where he leads us and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

At all times, ladies and gentlemen…. I want you to be exercising your rational mind. Things may go sideways, they may go wonky, they may even invert into an alternate reality the likes of which you have never before considered. You’ll learn things about the world you never noticed, you never realized.

Hold firm to your thinking minds, because I’m not interested in your feelings. I’m interested in your thoughts, your reason, your mind. On our little trip through the very real unreality of the land you call life, it is only your mind which can keep you anchored to that which is objective.

Let us begin.


Gentlemen, I’m going to be speaking to the ladies directly, you are welcome to put yourself in their position. I welcome and encourage you to do so, simply stated that for now: I am addressing the women, the female audience members. Our fairer sex. Don’t worry fellas, you just sit back scratch your balls, stretch your mind and pipe down for a little while, we’ll get to you soon.

Now ladies, I know that any subscriber of mine will likely be of above average IQ. This isn’t to stroke your ego, it’s just that many of my videos include verbiage, concepts, percepts and abstractions which ordinarily require a person of intellectual curiosity to understand or a very decent education. There is a standard deviation of IQ between those who’ve graduated college to those who never attended.

So it’s no boast or ego stroke to simply stipulate that most of you will be above plebeian IQ, education or no: otherwise much of my videos would be unassailable for you. They would not make sense. It would come out as “blah blah blah, Economics, blah blah blah, Im so smart with fancy words, blah blah blah.” My videos would simply not make sense to either the uneducated or people of low intelligence.

This being the case, ladies, I want to engage your rational mind. I’m not interested in what you feel, I’m interested in what you think. Many of you are very rational, many of you are very logical, most of you are very common sense oriented. If something seems off or awry, you tend to shy away from that topic, subject or situation: almost instinctively. Your unconscious mind has glimpsed something isn’t right, and you listen to that little voice which say “Nope”.

So I know you’re capable of making objective decisions. I know this for a fact. Thus, I’m going to propose a business arrangement and a corporate merger contract to you. I’m going to stipulate the terms of this merger, this co-op. This corporation. I want you to consider whether or not this seems like a good deal to be making.

Now, you are the owner of your corporation, your own business. You own 100% of your corporation. It is presented to you that you begin a trust with a business associate. Your corporation gets merged with his corporation. You take part of your assets, and he takes part of his assets and you agree to create a combined pool of resources from which to conduct your business in a single trust, both of you being the trustees.

However, under the contract presented to you, your associate retains the right to cancel the trust and back out of the co-op at any time of his choosing, for any reason of his choosing. More over, upon doing so – he becomes, by the terms and conditions of the contract, entitled to not only take half of the combined pool of resources, half of the trust. Regardless of whether or not he contributed anything compared to your contribution at the time of the merger, and regardless as to whether or not he contributed, through his own means, to the trust’s funds while the trust was in operation. Meaning, in spite of contributing little or even nothing to the trust itself, he is according to the terms and conditions set by the contract, entitled to at least half of the trust which was mainly fronted by you.

Beyond that even, not only is this trustee entitled to half of the trust regardless of his contribution to that shared pool of resources, but he becomes entitled to at least half of ALL your personal assets. Including those assets, resources and revenues you developed while operating as a private entity, previous to the merger.

Oh but it gets so much better. Under the terms and conditions of the contract, not only is this trustee entitled to half the trust’s pool of resources regardless of his contribution to same, and entitled to half of all your liquid assets which were developed, procured or attained even before the corporate merger even took place. Such as your car, your house, your personal and private bank account, your family heirlooms, any and or all land property included that which was willed to you by relatives: but this trustee retains the legal right to a portion of all of your future earnings. Even after the legal association with this trustee has ended and you are once again a private corporation.

Now, ladies: be honest –

1, Which of you is thinking “Golly gee willikers! This sounds like a fantastic contract, I’d jump at the opportunity to engage in that business venture!”.

2, Is it more likely you’re instead horrified and thinking “By all that is divine, who in the hell would ever agree to that? Is that even legal? Sounds like an extortion scam you get sent an e-mail about from a Nigerian Prince.”

3, How many of you caught on? There were certainly plenty of clues.


What I’ve just described is a detailed, objective analysis of the current state of marriage in the western world. I made no false equivocations and no exaggerations. What I did was parity the current state of affairs to an objectively viable scenario. One devoid of emotional entanglements or innate biases regarding the practice. I removed all of the emotionalism and baggage attached to the subject, so that it could be examined in an objective way.

The fact is, marriage today in western society is as described previously.

A man proposes to marry a woman. Where upon, she becomes legally entitled to half of all of his resources not just from then on, meaning what is acquired during the marriage, but also everything he managed to build, develop or acquire before becoming married. As a result of no fault divorce: the woman can pull a rip cord to attain half of all the man’s liquid assets like pulling the correct rope for cash and prizes on a game show. More over, she can sue for alimony: ensuring she get’s a share of all of his future earnings even after he is legally no longer associated with her nor legally responsible for her.

This is reality. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a member of Men Going Their Own Way. MGTOW (enunciated mig-tao) as it is called. Now, this is precisely why I wanted to examine marriage through the lens of an unreality, a distorted mirror image. I wanted to present to you, ladies, the prospect of marriage from a man’s perspective: without allowing for emotional entanglements to influence your view of the situation. So I fabricated a scenario which mirrored marriage today, in every way, but in an emotionally detached framing.

I am not one of those MGTOW’s who spends all his time trying to either investigate, examine or denounce female nature. I can tell you though, the vast majority of those guys: are the unlucky ones who got dragged through exactly the above business contract which you probably thought sounded a lot like legalized extortion of the most corrupt order. Being dragged behind a vehicle through a field of broken glass will do that to someone, so I would ask that you take pity on them if nothing else. They’ve been through quite an ordeal. Some of them more than once in fact.

I never went through the process myself. So I’m relatively unbruised and thus not damning of women. I am very critical, however, of the system of injustice described above. Thus, I simply choose not to participate in it, I know when the deck is stacked against me and do not wish to play a rigged game. It’s a logical and rational decision, just as above where I would wager most of your ladies asked why anyone would agree to sign the contract we were discussing. That’s exactly how I see the issue, that’s not a contract I would sign.


Now that I’ve opened the curtain, the carnival house side show is done for the day. Time to take a stark look at reality, rather than peering into unreality.

Marriage has become legalized extortion.

The Free Dictionary – Legal Dictionary: “Extortion

“The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.”

Invalidation of prenuptial agreements + no fault divorce = seizure of liquid assets.

Marriage today, in America, is identical to the legal definition of extortion. It is “The obtaining of property from another induced”—”under color of official right.” The legal system has been manipulated to make marriage the legal definition of extortion. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. It is, by strict legal definition, extortion.

The Free Dictionary – Legal Dictionary: “Alimony

“Payment that a family court may order one person in a couple to make to the other person when that couple separates or divorces.”

The Free Dictionary – Legal Dictionary: “Involuntary Servitude

“Slavery; the condition of an individual who works for another individual against his or her will as a result of force, coercion, or imprisonment, regardless of whether the individual is paid for the labor.”

A family court may order a person to pay forth money, how is that money obtained? Work. A family court therefore may order a person to work for someone else, against their will, and failure to provide said work=money will result in penalty up to and including incarceration.

Alimony is Involuntary Servitude, which the anti-slavery clause in the US constitution, the 13th amendment, was supposed to abolish: but nevertheless slavery is alive and well in the United States.

13th Amendment of the Constitution

Section 1.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Almost 70% of divorces are filed by women and according to the US CENSUS 97% of alimony recipients are women. Women who turn the men they claimed to love – into slaves who are forced by the state to work for the “Masa” whom they displeased.


Furthermore, Alimony is a multi-billion (yes, that’s with a B, billion) dollar extortion scam which is almost exclusively reserved for women.

U.S. Treasury Department “TREASURY INSPECTOR GENERAL FOR TAX ADMINISTRATION Significant Discrepancies Exist Between Alimony Deductions Claimed by Payers and Income Reported by Recipients

According to this report by the treasury department, in the year 2010 alone there were $10 billion dollars in alimony tax write offs filed. $2.3 billion of this is untraceable, meaning a lot of people were cheating on their taxes by claiming more than what was paid, or claiming they paid that which they did not, and an unknown number of recipients who claimed they didn’t receive something which they -did-.Even, however, if you exclude the $2.3 billion unaccounted for, that still leaves $7.7 billion dollars if Alimony payments being claimed on taxes, all with unique individual and verified Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN).

Don’t forget: according to the last US Census, 97% of alimony recipients are women. So once again I say: Alimony is a multi-billion-dollar extortion scam which is almost exclusively reserved for women.

“Extortion: The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.”

You PAY your alimony, or people with guns (law enforcement) will show up at your door, or place of employment, put you in handcuffs and throw you in jail – where anyone without noticeable gang affiliations has a high probability of getting raped.

The obtaining of property from another – Check
induced by wrongful use of:
–actual or threatened force – Check
–violence – Check
–Fear – Check
under color of official right – Check

Marriage has become not only extortion scam, as it is indefensibly identical to the definition of extortion, but it also creates examples of legalized slavery. What’s more: even if the woman is successful and extraordinarily wealthy (I.E. Janet Jackson): if a man has more than she has – she will still be permitted to legally commit extortion within a court of law. Or even reduce him to the status of a surf, an indentured servant, a slave.

Keep in mind, none of this goes into detail regarding the horrors of abuse, false allegations of abuse, or child custody. This has simply been an examination of raw reality regarding the nature of the institution of marriage having become a legalized extortion scam. Where men are literally, not figuratively, reduced to being slaves at women’s will. Their bidding then inflicted upon those men on their behalf by the state.

Ladies, do a google search for “where have all the good men gone“… looks at the hits… 393,000,000 results as of the writing of this. Women are beginning to marry themselves, or commit suicide because they can’t find a man to marry and have children with. Yet other women, who are past their prime, blame men for the fact that they’re single and childless. Always and in all circumstances it is men who are collectively held to blame for the fact that they don’t want to participate in that rigged institution exposed above as being an extortion scam.

Hannah Wallen, said it with incredible clarity in her article “You asked for it, ladies.

“No, this isn’t a post about rape. In fact, it’s about the opposite. It’s about walking away, maybe running away. Specifically, it’s about the right to run–specifically, men‘s right to decline to trust, to eschew focus on relationships, and to refuse to open themselves to women beyond anything but the most superficial levels of interaction.


Because the same folks who dismiss, or outright advocate for false accusers, the same folks who rail against due process for men in criminal and family court, who claim both moral superiority and their own right to turpitude with impunity, who push men around, knock them to the ground, step on them, and kick them when they’re down – those same folks have the screaming audacity to act shocked and appalled when men feel maligned, get fed up, pick themselves up, turn their backs, and walk away.

My opinion of your sniffing response at men who don’t want any part of you anymore is simple: Kwitcherbitchen, ladies. It’s your own damned fault. You have no business complaining.”


Published by

Observing Libertarian

I am a Humanist small L libertarian Deontological Minarchist. In that order - As a result of this philosophy: I cannot in good conscience condone the actions of any group, movement or organization which seeks to oppress another individuals human rights. By education I have an Associates of Occupational Studies in Gunsmithing, and am qualified to testify in Open Court on the State's behalf as a Firearms expert. I am also an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor. I am currently in the Process of writing two books on Philosophy

2 thoughts on “Am I or Are the Others Crazy?”

  1. The power of the prenup means, none of this has to happen. Why so many men and women don’t use it is astounding. People will say,”But I love him/her” and speak about trust but once that love is stale. That person you once loved can become bitter and vengeful. They may attempt and succeed at ruining you financially. You may even find that over time you have become a social Pariah, which is quite popular in cases of character assassination.

    A prenup at least will protect your assets. I’ve seen women strip their ex-husband’s of everything with no remorse. Heard of men selling their ex-wive’s most prized possessions on eBay for a little as fifty pence, simply for revenge. We can be vicious little creatures and although I would love for us all, to live in harmony with one another. People change.


    1. “The power of the prenup means, none of this has to happen.”

      Prenuptial agreements are only legally binding in a few states within the US. More over, even within those states where prenuptial agreements are by law legally binding: any judge can in fact throw out the agreement as being null and or void should he or she choose to do so.

      I.E. Elizabeth and Peter Petrakis. A Brooklyn appellate court struck down a prenuptial agreement “signed four days before the marriage of Elizabeth and Peter Petrakis, a real estate magnate worth millions of dollars. The couple tied the knot in 1998 after signing a prenup assuring Peter would keep everything in his name in the event of a divorce. Elizabeth argued that Peter coerced her signature under duress with the threat of canceling the wedding if she didn’t sign.


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