Indoctrination of Children

Today I’ll be responding to Lance Izumi, author of the book “The Corrupt Classroom”, You can see a presentation from Mr Izumi on the channel PhilosophyInsights at the following location.

Allow me to explain the inner workings of the phenomena Mr Izumi is describing. So that you can clearly see the inner workings, the mechanisms and the goals at work. To fully understand that which you are seeing.

Children start at 0, whatever they are exposed to is normal for them.

Children raised in a christian ethos think christian standards of decency are normal. Such as thinking that people should be kind, charitable and forgiving.
Children raised in a muslim theocracy think it is normal to want to kill infidels and assert Islam will take over the world.
Children raised in a marxist environment are convinced that capitalism is greed by definition and is therefore evil.
Children raised in an abusive environment grow up to think that being abused is normal and quite often grow up to be abusive towards others.

By exposing children to drag queens, transsexuals, gays and transgenderism: they’re attempting to indoctrinate children into believing that these things are “normal”. When in fact these persons and life styles are an extreme abnormality and an extreme minority. The more they expose children to degeneracy, the more the children are acculturated to it as a “norm”, when it is in fact not.


Leftists are quite fond of indoctrinating children to their ideology, then using them to further promulgate it. Everyone recall the stop hate swearing princesses? Or the Khmer Rouge? Or Mao’s quote “Lost Generation” ? However, let me provide some other examples you may or may not know about.

-It is leftists within the LGBT-Alphabet soup who keep trying to add pedophilia to their list of protected “sexual orientations”.
Original – Archived

-It is leftists who want “transwomen” to use restrooms with little girls.
Original – Archived

-It is leftists at salon magazine who published several pro-pedo-acceptance articles.
Original – Archived

-It is leftists who are continually promoting childhood sexual reassignments.
Original – Archived

-It is leftists who run websites devoted to selling “hangers” (wearable fake male genitals) to “transboys” ages under 10.
Original – Archived

-It is leftists who publish articles talking about how they force their male children to engage in female centric activities.
Original – Archived

-It is the leftists who have been setting up Drag Queen clubs for children
Original – Archived

-It is leftists who have been promoting pre-teen drag queen competitions.
Original – Archived

-It is leftists who are forcing the boy scouts of america to accept female scouts.
Original – Archived

-It is leftists in California who recently legalized child prostitution.
Original – Archived

-It is leftists in California who recently defended the “right” to marry 10 year old girls.
Original – Archived

The left has been inching closer and closer to legalizing pedophilia ever since Marcuse’s book “Eros and Civilization” was published in 1955.

Aydin Paladin did a very thorough in depth examination of pedo advocacy found in leftism, particularly AntiFa. It was a 2 part presentation going over the philosophical justifications, the intelligentsia who publish the articles and books on the topic and even the professors working today who continually push the ideology.

“Lefty Pedo Advocacy : A History (Part One)”

“Lefty Pedo Advocacy : A Philosophy (Part Two)”

To reach the point we are at now, required a multitude of advancements.

The attacks on Christian morality,
The sexual revolution,
The take over of academia,
The relentless de-legalization of abortion,
The endless out cry for tax funded birth control and abortions,
The implementation of sexual education
The institution in colleges of codes of conduct where consent is the magical word to prevent rape,
The then implementation of earlier and earlier sexual education under the argument that consent is necessary to be taught to younger and younger children to prevent rape,
The explosion of transgenderism as a hot button social issue,
Followed by a host of transgender rights issues like bathroom and locker privileges,
Further pushing for gays, transgenders and drag queens to be introduced to children in school for the supposed purpose of preventing hate and bigotry,

The eventuality of all of the above is not by accident, but by intention. One further example.

“10-Year-Old Transgender Boy is Starting a Dating Website for Trans Children”
Original – Archived

Now, why this item? Allow me to explain. If these pre-teen children, indoctrinated into leftist ideology and transgenderism are permitted to begin dating, it’s likely that this will further be used for propaganda by the left. Stating that these children will have engaged in sexual activities, which is ordinarily a normal course of human development among girls and boys of that age.

However, in this instance, championing leftist ideology they will exclaim, as they have done so in the past such as in Eros and Civilization, that because young children can engage in sexual activity, together, consensually: the argument will be made that children therefore can and do understand sexual consent.

This is also why the left has been pushing for earlier and earlier sexual education and consent training. To set the ground work in place that when children do begin to engage in sexual activities, what is ordinarily a normal process of growing up: it will in fact be used for political and propagandic purposes in order to argue that because children can and do understand consensual sexual activity: there is no reason that children cannot engage in consensual sexual activity with adults. Exactly as so many leftist philosophers have argued.

The end goal, mind you, is not just to legalize sex with children: but to further degrade classical western society. This has been the purpose from the beginning, it was in fact the stated goal of the cultural marxists from the Frankfort school, of which Marcuse, author of Eros and Civilization, was a prominent member. To undermine, degrade and eliminate classical western culture and cultural norms in order to make way for Marxist ideology to take over.


If you can raise children to have no morals and no moral compass other than their feelings and physical pleasures: than you can raise them to think there are no such thing as morals or ethics. Everything is subjective opinion, everything is emotion, and therefore they are easily manipulated by emotionalist argumentation. They’ll accept emotion based arguments on what is defined as “the greater good.” Thereby making way for the progressive social planners who were otherwise somewhat held in check by conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, voluntarists, anarcho-capitalists and christian moralists.

If you can get a hold of children early and teach them that everything is subjective, everything is just a point of view, there are no moral absolutes, there are no such thing as ethics and that the only thing which matters are their feelings: you can convince them to ignore individual rights and that the greater good is all that matters. At which point, you can create a true democracy, mob rule. Where by the individual has no inviolable rights, his or her rights are subject to redaction by society for the greater good.

This has been the progressive platform for over a hundred years, this is their ideology: as many of them have in fact stated it to be. What you are seeing play out today is simply the late stage of events. Looking back at the chain of victories leading up to this point: it’s quite easy to see how we got here and what the goal has been from the start. Many writers, thinkers and philosophers have been warning of this eventuality for the past 100 years or better, by the way.

However, in their time they were called Conspiracy Theorists, or using the previous popular term for it: they were called Alarmists and or Extremists.

Well kids…. they were right.


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Observing Libertarian

I am a Humanist small L libertarian Deontological Minarchist. In that order - As a result of this philosophy: I cannot in good conscience condone the actions of any group, movement or organization which seeks to oppress another individuals human rights. By education I have an Associates of Occupational Studies in Gunsmithing, and am qualified to testify in Open Court on the State's behalf as a Firearms expert. I am also an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor. I am currently in the Process of writing two books on Philosophy

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