Lefty Propaganda: Devoid of Reality

Ok kids, so I was doing what I often do: nothing. While doing nothing I was surfing on minds.om and came across this little gem.


Oh, really now? Mmmkay, how about a timeline using current events, hm?

Nicolás Maduro has ruled Venezuela by decree since 19 November 2013.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) is a leftist progressive organization which champions Democracy as the ideal, rather than, Representational Constitutional Republics as the ideal.

Original – Archived
“Venezuela Leads Region in Poverty Reduction in 2012, ECLAC Says”
Published: 06 December 2013

“Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean is now easing at a slower pace, the UN’s regional economic body said on Thursday, calling on governments to make policy changes that encourage growth while reducing the huge gap between the rich and poor.

UN economists based in Santiago said about 164 million people, or 28 percent of the region’s population, are still considered poor. That is nearly unchanged from last year. Out of those, 68 million of them are in extreme poverty.”

I sincerely doubt absolutely anyone, even their own contributors, would with a straight face, attempt to make the claim that The Guardian *ins’t* a left wing publication.

Original – Archived
“In Venezuela 82% of people live in poverty – where are our friends now?”
Published: Wed 5 Apr 2017

“So back to “democracy”, then? Not really. That same Saturday, the National Guard tried to arrest an opposition legislator who they said no longer had parliamentary immunity. On Sunday, the head of an opposition party was arrested for “high treason”. And, on Monday, opposition legislators were assaulted by government supporters while police stood by.

Article stipulates further down.

But what about the dozens of politicians and journalists – including the leader of the opposition – who until very recently lauded the “achievements” of Hugo Chávez and have now gone quiet? They always seemed to suggest that they had the wellbeing of the Venezuelan people at heart. Now that 82% of households live in poverty, they don’t seem interested at all in what’s happening in Venezuela. It is a shame, because their voices could really come in handy as the world calls on Maduro to restore democracy and respect human rights.”

Welp, that was some socialism…. so let’s examine capitalism….


Original – Archived
Economic Freedom by Country 2015.

1st place, Hong Kong.
Poverty Rate: 20%.

2nd place, Singapore.
Poverty Rate: 23 to 26%.

3rd place, New Zealand.
Poverty rate: 15%

4th Place, Australia.
Poverty rate: 14%

5th Place, Switzerland.
Poverty Rate: 7.7%

6th Place, Canada.
Poverty Rate: 10%

7th place, Chile.
Poverty Rate: 14.4%

8th Place, Estonia.
Poverty Rate: 20%

9th Place, Ireland.
Poverty Rate: 8.3%

10th place, Mauritius.
Poverty Rate: 7.9%

Let’s run the average.

20 + 26 + 15 + 14 + 7.7 + 10 + 14.4 + 20 + 8.3 + 7.9 / 10 = 14.33 avg poverty for the top 10 countries with the freest economics.

Now for the least economically free. For the sake of comparable data I am excluding the poverty numbers from any nation which had an incomplete data sample, so the countries which have any “Not Available” fields in the measure of economic freedom are excluded.

Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Liechtenstein, Libya, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan.

For the sake of fairness towards the socialists and commies: I am voluntarily excluding North Korea. Although data is available for all of it’s economic factors, I think it’s too extremist a model to be included in an examination of socialist/communist/left economic policies in general. Although I did examine the poverty in the top 10 most economically free, it would be within my purview to examine poverty within the least economically free countries as well, I am doing my opposition a favor by not including North Korea. I will, of my own accord, treat North Korea as an outlier.

Moving on from least economically free after North Korea.


1st Place, Cuba.
Poverty Rate: 26%

2nd Place, Venezuela.
Poverty Rate: 82%

3rd Place, Zimbabwe.
Poverty Rate: 96%

4th Place, Eritrea.
Poverty Rate: 62%

5th Place, Equatorial Guinea.
Poverty Rate: 60%

6th Place, Turkmenistan.
Poverty Rate: 51.4%

7th Place, Iran.
Poverty Rate: 44.5-55%

8th Place, Republic of Congo.
Poverty Rate: 63.9%

9th Place, Argentina.
Poverty Rate: 32%

I cannot find reliable data differentiating the poverty in the “Republic of Congo” from the “Democratic Republic of Congo”, so I am skipping the “Democratic Republic of Congo” as 10th place and going to Timor-Leste as the 10th place. This benefits my opposition as Timor-Leste has greater economic freedoms than the “Democratic Republic of Congo”.

10th Place, Timor-Leste.
Poverty Rate: 41.8%

Let’s run the average.

26 + 82 + 96 + 62 + 60 + 51.4 + 55 + 63.9 + 32 + 41.8 / 10 = 57.01 avg poverty for the bottom 10 countries with the most restricted economics.

Top 10 most Capitalist Nations, average poverty rate: 14.33%
Bottom 10 least Capitalist Nations, average poverty rate: 57.01%

Also, don’t forget: I voluntarily excluded North Korea, in spite of having access to a full data set from the country. I also excluded the “Democratic Republic of Congo” in order to ensure I did not involve data from the “Republic of Congo”. Given that the “Republic of Congo” had a poverty rate of 63.9% and Timor-Leste has a poverty rate of 41.8%, had I included isolated data for the “Democratic Republic of Congo” it would likely have been very similar to the 63.9% poverty rate found in the “Republic of Congo”. Which would also have pushed the “Bottom 10 least Capitalist Nations, average poverty rate” even higher.

I started the article by using only left wing sources for the timeline on Venezuela, and since that point I have gone out of my way to be fair to my opposition.

The reality is: the freer the nation, the more prosperous that nation has the potential to be.

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