Psychopathic Misinformation

For future references: a lot of what Verstappen has written for this video: is wrong.

Time 1:59. Empathy is not the reason we are inspired by works of art or music. Art and music activate the pleasure centers in the brain releasing endorphins. Empathy is a result of the mirror neurons: unrelated phenomena. Sad art, music or poetry can activate the mirror neurons if the stimuli is personified in some way. However, mirror neurons are unnecessary for aesthetic enjoyment.

Minute 2:20. lacking empathy makes psychopaths neither truly human nor truly alive. This is woo woo. A person doesn’t need to be assaulted by psychic pain of others in order to feel alive. Quit projecting your suffering martyr god syndrome onto scientific research.

Minute 2:32 List of joyous interactions and psychopaths cannot understand what all the fuss is about. Understand, yes, necessarily care, no. Psychopaths themselves often engage in a multitude of exactly the same activities mentioned for their own pleasure. they just don’t feel what you feel and they probably don’t care what you feel when you engage in those same interactions. Verstappen is confusing psychopathy for autism. An autistic would not understand what all the fuss is about because of their hypo-mentalism.

Head in Hands

Minute 2:51. yes psychopaths understand why: the reason -why- they should act this way, is to fit in. They understand, conceptually, why people act in various ways. they don’t -feel- the emotional urges which cause people to act in those ways.

Minute 4:18 Psychopaths can and do understand how and why the things they do can and or will be hurtful to others. They don’t *care* that it’s hurtful. For a feeling person it’s easier to rationalize that someone wouldn’t understand what they’re doing would hurt others: because the idea that psychopaths would full well understand and do it anyway – is nearly unthinkable for an emotional person. It’s still wrong, they know – and they don’t care. Unless the other party’s response harms or impedes the psychopath in some way: they do not care. If it doesn’t negatively effect the psychopath in some way: the psychopath does not give a damn.

Minute 4:31. Again – he trips over his emotionalism. “Psychopaths are not easily disturbed by feelings of guilt.” It’s a simple concept: you cannot be disturbed – by emotions – you do not have. Psychopaths lack empathy, they do not *feel* remorse, they do not *feel* guilt. They are not simply resistant to feeling guilty: they don’t feel guilt. It’s an emotion they do not have.

Minute 5: the whole speech about passion is utterly wrong. Psychopaths can in fact have the drive necessary to reach the top tier echelon of fields of human endeavor. Be that music, theater, medicine or the sciences. Josef Mengele is believed to have been a psychopath: his gruesome and horrendous human experimentation was not only on the cutting edge of medical science but his research on twins in particular advanced the study of genetics 30 years or more. The hallmark traits of psychopathy are lack of empathy and lack of remorse: the day and in fact the hour, in fact WHILE the first atomic weapon was used to destroy millions of lives, Julius Robert Oppenheimer is reported to have been completely aware that his creation – the device he was the lead physicist and architect of, was about to destroy an unfathomable number of lives in the blink of an eye, was sitting in his office, waiting for news of the air mission’s success while playing cats cradle with some string to pass the time as he waited for the report. Biding time to hear that the bomb was a success, completely aware his creation was about to vaporize hundreds of thousands of lives and lethally irradiate hundreds of thousands more – and waiting to hear that it worked was such a blase experience that he was playing with some string, bored. Oppenheimer was among the top 5 physicists of his generation. I reiterate, The whole speech about passion is utterly wrong.


Minute 7:07 “Rape is good and the date is bad” – No, no, no. You’re horribly off the mark. The thought process is not that “rape is good and the date is bad” or theft is good and you are bad. It’s “I’m going to take what I want – because I want it.” There’s not reflection upon the other person as being bad for denying or having what the psychopath wants. Other people are just things, small, easily destroyed toys. They’re inconsequential. There’s no reflection upon them, they don’t matter. the psychopath takes what he or she wants – simply because he or she wants it. That’s all. Other factors are inconsequential. As far as the psychopath is concerned: you the victim – don’t matter. The psychopath can step on you without even noticing, you’re a bug underfoot. You don’t matter, you may as well not even be real.

Minute 7:25 “If this strikes the reader as insane, it’s because it is.” – No, it isn’t. Insanity is not a medical diagnosis, it’s a legal term. Insanity is the inability to determine fantasy from reality. Psychopaths are perfectly sane: they’re just not governed by the same inherent or innate restraints which are developed over time naturally due to mirror neuron induced empathy. Successful psychopaths curb their impulses by means of mental processes, forcing themselves to consider consequences of actions. As where normal people don’t do bad things because it makes them feel bad. Successful psychopaths don’t do bad things, or avoid being caught, because the consequences of said action are undesirable.

Minute 7:49 “Living at the expense of the rest of humanity would be impossible in a rational society” – Apparently you’ve never heard of welfare, socialism or communism. Welfare literally is a person living at the expense of the rest of humanity. It’s an uncharitable way to define it: but it is 100% accurate. It’s a person who’s existence is being paid for by the work and earnings of everyone else. Didn’t really think that statement through did ya, Verstappen?

All of the people who liked this video and I’m not even 8 minutes in, it’s 37 and a half minutes long. This guy Stefan Verstappen is a complete hack shilling horse manure based on a veritable smorgasbord of broken premises. This is fucking awful. I could make a video about how this video is wrong – but it would either be a 3-4 hour video or I’d have to splice it into multiple videos an hour long to show all of the falsehoods.


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