Evasion of Reality on Taxes


Leftist liars are horribly easy to expose: I could do this all day.

Leftists are the most innumerate group of people I know to exist. There are brain dead hillbillies who contemplate Austrian economics better than leftists because they routinely calculate mixtures of fuel ratios in engine blocks or cost analyses when dealing backwoods moonshine illegally.

Yes: I just quantified an apparent absurdity as being objectively provable.


I picked the low hanging fruit in the above image by pointing out the most blatant lie, but not the more inherent deception. Specifically to make the image small, if I’d added more text it would have been longer than the original image, making it more difficult to meme.

The leftist image conflates corporate money with personal income. Trump’s tax plan only drops the highest tax bracket from 39.60% (currently) to 35%. By comparison, and in stark contrast to what the leftist’s are claiming: trump’s tax plan provides a BIGGER tax cut to working class 99%’er Americans than it does for the rich. The “99%’ers” get a 5% tax cut, the “1%’ers” get a 4.60% tax cut.

The biggest tax cut is upon business tax (all businesses, corporations of sidewalk hot dog vendor): dropping the tax rate from 35% (currently) to 15%.

Which is causing leftists to shit in their hands and throw it like monkeys in a zoo: because god forbid business owners be able to increase profit margins with which to invest in expansion (creating jobs), pay their workers better (increasing median income), compete with foreign goods (increasing GDP) or lower prices (reducing consumer price index and increasing standard of living for everyone).


That’s all just further evidence that he’s the spawn of Satan who once spent a billion dollars on building a time machine so he could shoot Kennedy. You can actually see him in the Zapruder film, there’s 3 frames of a blonde comb over poking over the fence of the grassy knoll.

However in the above image: the leftists are *COMBINING* the money saved from corporate tax with the personal income of the people depicted. Instead of each person being paid a salary and that salary (along with other forms of employment or gigs) being their personal income. By combining money which is not actually theirs with money which is theirs: they’re falsely presenting those astronomical numbers.

The Walton’s for example: are all three collectively only worth $8.7 billion: total, as of LAST YEAR. The number quoted above is how money money will be saved by all the corporations (walmart, sams club, etc.) which will be saved: of which the Walton’s, between the 3, only own 50% of.

However: they money taken in by those corporations are not the soul property of the Walton family. The Walton family only get’s paid -by- those corporations in dividends for their stock ownership and Salaries for the two sons who still work in the company. Their personal wealth only just reached $8.7 billion, combined, total.

That’s the level of deception involved. Complete lies combined with false conflations: and it works on leftists because they are the most mathematically challenged form of sentient life to walk the face of the Earth since the invention of the abacus.


Actual common core math problem, answered by child,
corrected by teacher: then photographed by the child’s mother.

Day, Vox. SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police (Kindle Locations 1709-1714). Castalia House. Kindle Edition.

“There is nothing SJWs fear more than a patient enemy who methodically documents their words and actions because they know that their lies will inevitably be exposed and used against them.

Don’t forget the First Law. SJWs always lie! Don’t take anything they say for granted, not even if it appears to be correctly sourced and cited. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to verify something an SJW has confidently asserted to be true and discovered that he either lied, exaggerated, or completely mischaracterized the evidence upon which he was supposedly relying. Go through everything an SJW says with a fine-tooth comb, and document all the various “errors” and misrepresentations you will find. They will be there. I guarantee it.”

Meme’d here for your convenience, share at will and enjoy.


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