Femitheist Divine

Krista Jane Heflin, also known as the “Femitheist Divine”

This young lady wants to pretend that all her previous writing was nothing more than satire, Poe’s law. Well, before she decided to make that claim she was interviewed by Vice. After having been interviewed by Vice – she put out a fantastically long rebuttal at length specifying how her views were misrepresented by vice. Here’s the thing – when you’re a Poe or you’re writing satire: you don’t go through this much trouble to CLARIFY your position. The whole point of a Poe is to imitate radicals in order to scrutinize them. Clarifying your beliefs and opinions and defending them AGAINST ridicule: is counter productive to the entire concept of Poe’s Law.

More to the point: after she “came out” and exclaimed everything she had previous stated was just satire: she *DELETED* this exceptionally long page clarifying her viewpoints. If it was -just- satire, and it was an elaborate poe: why would you delete this? Unless you were attempting to hide evidence that is… She now involves herself in men’s rights activities, gamergate, donates to intactivism. However, everything I read from her: always, and unfailingly, has this collusion tactic to it – trying to beg the question and enforce the middle group TOWARDS feminist ideology.

Given that she still follows feminist ideology, and actively attempts to collusion tactics: I’m thinking she deleted the following from her page in order to hide evidence that she wasn’t a Poe and she wasn’t writing satire. Her interview for Vice was quite genuine, and when they (as she felt) misrepresented her, it offended her and THAT is why she spent such length, such amount of time to clarify her views and opinions.

I think the only change this woman has made: is that she’s switched tactics. Instead of being up front about her agenda, her views, her statements: she’s decided to ply the soft sell. Continually and unfailingly attempting subterfuge and subtlety to inject feminist ideology into men’s rights issues in order to win more minds to her side of the argument.

Also, lets revisit “International Castration Day” shall we? She later claimed she was only “half serious” when she wrote that piece. Well, Poe, Satire or not – the question is always asked “Should all Men Be Castrated?” I’d like to remind you – if you read the details about her creation “International Castration Day” she wasn’t talking about castrating MEN. She was talking about castrating CHILDREN, all male CHILDREN. She was proposing raping all male children with a knife in a yearly “celebration” in front of crowds of on looking women who would cheer.

Oh yeah “satire”, sexually assaulting children with knives while women cheer.

Krista Jane Heflin, also known as “femitheist divine,” first advocated for the harvesting of sperm from males at age 13, then castrating them all in a yearly holiday that would serve as a festival for women. Then she decided that wouldn’t work, so she advocating reducing the male population by 90% and locking the rest in secured reservations where they’d only be permitted out under supervision.

The femitheist, however, was sssooooo adorable while speaking merrily about targeted infanticide. To say nothing of the previous generation of her plan: International Castration Day, which she thought could be held once a year, where all males guiltless of any crime at all would be mutilated at the age of 13, to the delight of female onlookers. Meaning, not even a proper orchidectomy—a medical procedure. No, she proposed that the boys would simply stand naked, holding hands in a circle, while a woman, “the castrator” (her words), would revolve around the group with a knife, committing crimes against humanity. Children, guiltless of any crime … children. Very nice.

At least the Nazis usually killed by gunfire or gas, and it was only the war doctors who performed torture via inhuman experiments.

No, the femitheist literally proposed that 13-year-old children, guiltless of any crime whatsoever, would be molested/raped in order to harvest sperm, to propagate the species. Then they’d be sent off to have a selected woman of the community simply walk one to the next, with the same weapon, and mutilate them like cattle where they stood naked, holding hands in the town square. To the cheer of female spectators, no less. International Castration Day. A yearly festival, you know—for equality.

Even more so, part of her logic was that it be done for the protection of, you betcha, children. Apparently not all children, nooooo. Just girls, of course. Any woman who has a son should have been screaming for blood. However, she’s cute, and neoteny is a powerful thing. So she got away with advocating worse acts of inhumanity than the Nazis. She’s not like a Nazi, she’s worse.

Once again, not MEN, at least men you could almost excuse such SATIRE: but NO – children. Age 13, children, children who were innocent of any crime. That’s what her “SATIRE” was talking about raping with a knife – during a public ceremony, while women cheered. That would be WORSE than if she had suggested all male children once a year should be rounded up and anally raped during a celebration to which women would gather and cheer the display. Children. Innocent, Children. “Satire” or not – that’s the kind of thing which should make mothers with young sons want to skin you alive.


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Observing Libertarian

I am a Humanist small L libertarian Deontological Minarchist. In that order - As a result of this philosophy: I cannot in good conscience condone the actions of any group, movement or organization which seeks to oppress another individuals human rights. By education I have an Associates of Occupational Studies in Gunsmithing, and am qualified to testify in Open Court on the State's behalf as a Firearms expert. I am also an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor. I am currently in the Process of writing two books on Philosophy

3 thoughts on “Femitheist Divine”

  1. This woman for the safety of society should be immediately committed to a mental institution, the sooner the better. She is so insecure within herself that the only way she can establish self-worth is by the degradation through mutilation of others. Obviously this woman has the belief that men are superior and the only way for these immature, demented and mentally sick minds to gain control is through the mutilation of others which is truly a criminal act reserved for those with the Hitler syndrome. In fact I would not be surprised to learn she prefers dressing in some form of Nazi costume during sex.
    Females of this nature should have their reproductive factors removed over any fear of future harm they will implement on all others. I even suggest any man suspecting any female of this mentality should not waste time with courts and immediately take matters in to their own hands by performing an emergency in home lobotomy of the frontal lobe conforming these once dangerous minds into the peaceful subservient beings they were designed to be.


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