Lore of Preservation

Lore of Preservation started out of a simple concept. I thought – for the simple fact that people no longer know or understand parables: they no longer have and understand wisdom that they should. So I began writing down quotes, quips, or things I think people should know – but most often do not.
Well, it *was* just going to be a CHAPTER in my main book….. right around the 300 passage mark…. dat wuh noht hap’pen’nin . So it became it’s own entity. Now it’s…. 429 passages long, if I recall correctly.
When I get to 500 passages, I’m going to make the book have the whole list uninterrupted: then gather each of the corresponding or similar passages or which speak on similar topics and themes: and collect them into chapters. Each chapter will have all the passages pertaining to a single topic and then side by side with real life events or possible situations in which those passages apply.
That way, each chapter will examine in detail: how what I wrote – can effect daily lives, or how they apply in a historical perspective for specific situations. That way people can fully contemplate and understand the passages: conceptually and in action.

Lore of Preservation

1. Trust only that others are more likely to do what’s in their best interest; not yours.

2. Every politician gets elected based on the premise of following someone’s demands.

3. Friends come and go: be prepared for gain and loss.

4. Lovers come and go: be prepared for gain and loss.

5. Family comes and goes: be prepared for gain and loss.

6. Death is eternal, life is not.

7. Never cheat, play when the odds are in your favor.

8. The deck is always stacked: wisdom is knowing in whose favor.

9. “NO Strings attached” always come with strings attached.

10. Fun is never free, it takes time.

11. Joy is rare, cherish it.

12. Happiness is a fleeting moment, grasp it firmly.

13. Love is brief, never let it go.

14. Education is valuable only in so much as the gratification it brings, or the frequency with which it is used.

15. Learning is a process of discovering new information; never allow the journey to end.

16. Thirst is the absence of fulfillment.

17. Anger is the contagion of society, disinfect as best you know.

18. Ignorance is the absence of knowledge: beware its pitfalls.

19. Insanity is a sickness of thought.

20. Exhaustion is good for the soul, slumber nourishment for the mind.

21. Religions are collections of heresy told by people who want political power.

22. Never trust a person beyond the scope of your own ingenuity.

23. Always value someone who tells you they hate you.

24. A dagger you can see is far less dangerous than one you cannot.

25. A fox in the chicken coop is always accompanied by a pack of weasels.

26. Lone wolves make excellent friends.

27. Two outcasts form a society, three, a culture.

28. You don’t need a weather man to tell which way the wind blows.

29. If the sun is shining, someone’s hiding.

30. Beware free gifts, they often cost more than advertised.

31. A handshake is worth nothing compared to a contract.

32. Fine print leads to large risks.

33. There is always a catch.

34. He who smiles first is hiding something.

35. Being held in contempt of court is a loss, swaying the jury to acquit you is a gain.

36. Justice is neither blind, nor is it impartial: a jury is made up of people.

37. Everyone is prejudice; no exceptions.

38. A misogynist is often honest about being prejudice to women; a feminist is never honest about being prejudice to men.

39. Never trust based on someone’s race. Everyone’s in it for them self.

40. Never prejudge someone based on their race: anyone could become your friend.

41. Never pretend that you don’t judge others: just make sure to judge them based on their actions.

42. Masculinity’s most important rule: Never trust a feminine who thinks they can manipulate you.

43. Femininity’s most important rule: Never trust a masculine who thinks they can control you.

44. A woman scorned is like a viper: she’ll seek to kill you from inside out.

45. Never buy a drunk a drink.

46. Treat police with courtesy: they’ll go away faster.

47. Wave at a fireman when you see one, but hope to never see him on the job.

48. Shake the hand of a serviceman; you never know if you’ll see them again.

49. Never trust anyone pretending to be like you.

50. People in your debt should be treated like neighbors: watch them carefully.

51. Friendly greetings will get you more places than forceful words.

52. Assume nothing, assess based on evidence.

53. Think first, speak later.

54. Look before you leap.

55. Never talk about matters you know little of: omit ignorance on such affairs.

56. Be careful what you buy, it may work.

57. Religious leaders are like politicians: upheld by popular opinion.

58. He who shouts loudest is heard last.

59. A whisper in the ear is worth an hour of screaming.

60. Never make arguments based on ideology: offer concrete evidence.

61. Always get a second, third, fourth and especially a Fifth opinion; The average may actually be correct.

62. Enjoy frivolous activities, life is stressful.

63. Bathe often, relaxation increases life span.

64. Always know that it is true, your boss really is an idiot.

65. Keep in mind: when you become the boss, you’ll be thought to be an idiot.

66. Times moves in many directions: be careful about how you use it.

67. Before doing something, consider whether or not you’d like to get caught doing that.

68. Always weigh the pros and cons of any endeavor.

69. Hard work is good for its own sake: but can be counterproductive if not beneficial.

70. A smart man knows when he’s lost; a wise man brings a map.

71. Brilliance asks for directions.

72. Respect people of other cultures: you never know when you’ll become a refugee.

73. Deadlines are for people who can’t set time tables.

74. Time tables are for people who can’t work efficiently.

75. Efficiency is defined by how easily you accomplish a task in a timely manner: working smart is always better than working quickly.

76. Never run when you can walk. Never walk when you can stand. Never stand when you can sit. never sit when you can lay down. Never lay down when you can sleep.

77. Ingenuity breeds industry.

78. A clever mind sees opportunity.

79. A Keene eye should always observe people’s behavior.

80. If someone can steal from you and thinks they can get away with it: they probably will.

81. A fist in someone’s face is more effective than harsh words.

82. There is no such thing as a fair fight, only a cowardly one.

83. If you must do combat, do so with more force than the enemy can reply with.

84. Study history, once forgotten: it will be repeated.

85. One only stops learning when dead.

86. There’s no such thing as “free”, someone paid for it.

87. Stay attune to technology, it will eventually replace one faulty device with another newer and even faultier one.

88. Scientists are like children playing with an ant farm.

89. Women hate each other more than they do men, that’s saying something.

90. If a tree falls in the woods: the sound causes vibrations that are seen on seismographs across the world. It really does make a noise.

91. Wishing wells are in public places to make you feel thirsty.

92. If you know the details of your own Duties and complete them as you should; none can easily blame you.

93. Tragedy touches everyone, reach out to comfort others.

94. If you charge an honest price, no one can call you greedy.

95. Gifts cost; show appreciation.

96. Kindness is rare; show appreciation.

97. Grudges benefit no one.

98. If you give employees a discount they’ll value their jobs more.

99. Remain armed, trouble comes when you least expect it.

100. Treat your reputation like gold.

101. Though the world stand against you, always stand up for what you believe in.

102. False prophets are like spoiled food, they often seem good but poison from within.

103. Knowledge is only power to those who would use it to their advantage.

104. Falsehoods often sound sweeter than truths, discern with care.

105. The friend who tells you what you want to hear: is no friend at all.

106. The Meaning of life; is to live, to lose, to love and to value every moment of it.

107. Speak politely; but mince words with no one.

108. Enjoy the calm of an early morning; it often belies the stress of the coming day.

109. Moments spent in silent contemplation allow for observation of the soul.

110. Intellect is the accumulation of knowledge; Wisdom, its application.

111. Raise children with discipline, but spoil grandchildren.

112. Beware the true believer, they are oft far more dangerous than their source of influence.

113. You need not respect those above you if they have not earned it, but it is greatly beneficial to gain their respect.

114. Show interest in your work and ask superiors for advice on how to improve; it will garner respect for you.

115. Do not pass up on the opportunity to compliment another peer when you see them doing well, it endears others to you.

116. If you must correct someone, try to do so in private, explaining that you do not want others to see the mistake and mock them: they will feel indebted.

117. Treat your underlings like younger siblings; they will look up to you as an example.

118. Those who have your respect should be spoken to politely but directly with no minced words, that you may gain their respect in return.

119. Never trust anyone who refuses to give a straight answer; their words dissemble lies and deceit.

120. Over stating one’s abilities will always lead to a public downfall.

121. Under stating one’s abilities will oft lead to a mediocre life.

122. A drunken man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.

123. Pay head to politics even if not involved.

124. The tidings of change are reflected in the dancing of marionette like strings which tether society.

125. Money is only as reliable as the currency it’s printed in, what good is it if the printer ceases to be?

126. Study what you are intending to do, before great challenge.

127. Enter no endeavor haphazardly.

128. Study the words of the ancients, wisdom preserved gives credence to their existence and yours.

129. Be thrifty with finances, spend enough money to savor your lifestyle, reserve enough to support it.

130. Exploit the economic systems that humans have developed; there’s no reason you shouldn’t benefit from someone else’s greed.

131. Donate to charity, it soothes a guilty conscious and helps others in the process.

132. No one asks where the money comes from: when it’s their life it sustains.

133. Look a gift horse in the mouth, how else would you find hidden motives?

134. The graciousness of a host should not be judged by their charity, but by their agenda.

135. Never trust those who tell only that they have done something, but not why.

136. The man who does ill and tells you why but not all of what he has done, is more trustworthy than he who tells everything he has done, but not why.

137. Trust others within the confines of their motive based agenda, the secret to their actions lie within.

138. It is only through the interpretation of someone’s will that we may understand their mind.

139. Trust always and only that humanity is flawed.

140. Accepting humanity for its faults through understanding and marveling at its many qualities is the only way to justly judge it’s value.

141. Just and impartial judgment is the only accurate measurement of an individual’s value as a human being.

142. Be a friend to others even if they are not always a friend to you; yet belay this advice towards anyone who would take advantage of you.

143. Being a friend means not to be a fool.

144. Act in others best interest, the wiser of them will thank you for your efforts.

145. Treasure those who would act in your best interests, particularly if it were against their own.

146. Let not the savage mob have its way with a would be victim: speak out against barbarity louder than the mob which calls for it.

147. Be always aware of the mindless masses, for they are fickle and easily swayed.

148. Pay heed the words of would be cult tenders, for the mindless listen most tentatively.

149. Be mindful of the ebb and flow of society, today’s norm may be tomorrow’s taboo.

150. Know that keen eyes observe the daily dancing of society’s undertow, ever awaiting the right time and conditions to influence with their own force of will.

151. Make efforts to listen to whispered speech, one never knows when one is its intended target: most definitely when one is not its intended listener.

152. A dagger in your back is many times more effective as one in your chest.

153. Nothing hurts quite sincerely as a dagger like betrayal in your heart.

154. Nothing strikes so insidiously and destroys so efficiently as a dagger in your back.

155. The harder they preach, the more they hide.

156. Measure twice, and if no one’s looking: measure a third time.

157. Always check someone else’s math before taking their word for it.

158. Never trust someone else’s judgment unless you know the scale and depth of their wisdom.

159. The silent should be observed as reserving their opinion.

160. He who reserves his opinion thinks ill of others.

161. Discern softly spoken words carefully: they obscure more deceit.

162. Obvious lies conceal inconspicuous truths.

163. Be mindful of those who would observe you closely.

164. If you suffer fools, be prepared for the results of their association.

165. Disregard those who are willfully ignorant and intentionally stupid: it is not your responsibility to save them from themselves.

166. The depths of solitude can bring enlightenment as to one’s own folly.

167. The company of fools will falsely engrave an air of superiority.

168. If the emperor is naked than there’s an elephant ruining the rug.

169. What is plain to see will oft be ignored by the willfully ignorant.

170. That which cannot be seen is only invisible to the eyes of the intentionally blind.

171. Those who open not their eyes will keep closed their minds.

172. It is usually the small minded who make the biggest mistakes.

173. The paradigm of the mind is like a sea of conscious thought: careful not to drown yourself.

174. Possibilities are only as narrow as one’s mind.

175. Be mindful of the political shifts to occur in other nations.

176. Political uprisings are preceded and followed by far reaching tremors.

177. He who has his ear to the ground is well advised as to when the train will arrive.

178. The future is ruled by forward thinking antagonists.

179. Descent is but a symptom of the social distortion: those who wag the dog are its agitators.

180. Be weary of crossroads: for the gateways are often guarded by those who seek to control the comings and goings of the populous would be subjects.

181. When the trade roads are taxed the travelers be vexed.

182. If the traveling of a nation’s people is vexed by its rulers; there can be no doubt the crossroads will soon be guarded.

183. If crossroads be guarded, there is little doubt, established rulers fear dissent.

184. When the rulers fear dissent; paranoia will press them to psychotic tyranny.

185. Be forewarned: rulers in the grips of paranoia will strike even at those closest to them and wreak havoc and devastation upon the hapless populace whom they perceive to beset them with villainous plots.

186. Do not forget the scorching and burning of Germany: Nor the killing fields of Cambodia.

187. Let the still audible screams of the innocent echo into eternity that their plight never be forgotten; they call out for justice still; They cry such wails as to remind you what befell them that they may spare you their fate; Do not let them suffer in vain.

188. Speak with reverence of those who sacrifice much for the sake of others.

189. Through the annuals of history: recounting even civilizations long since erased from racial memory; the only thing to quell tyranny, slavery and unjust rule has been armed resistance.

190. No other force aside from an armed resistance has ever over thrown a conqueror, dictator or invading empire.

191. War it would seem: is good for quite a bit, else Edwin Starr would have been born into slavery and singing while serving tea.

192. Always be inquisitive to motives!; Mahatma Gandhi for all his admirable qualities and activities was ever only an excuse for the British to relinquish control of India.

193. Uncontrollable territory takes a tremendous tole on the economic stability of your conqueror.

194. Remember this lesson: make trouble for your enemy, take a tole on his funds and resources so that just operating within your land becomes a strain on him.

195. When you tax your enemy that his ability to operate within your borders drains his reserves: offer some public spectacle that he has a social excuse to leave: he will make use of it to save face instead of admitting defeat.

196. An enemy with a ready excuse to exploit in order to leave a costly and unproductive campaign will press for battle far less harshly than one who fights obstinately not to admit defeat.

197. Likewise: when surrounding an enemy; close in on all sides but one.

198. A foe who is surrounded but for one outlet will focus all effort on a speedy withdrawal.

199. An enemy in flight for a gap of escape will be disorganized and uninterested in defense: you can decimate his number easily by harassing all three of his flanks whilst you close in on him from three directions.

200. While harassing an enemy in flight you must make his escape a gauntlet: but attack not his vanguard or he will stand his ground instead of fleeing.

201. A fleeing enemy must face no opposition to his vanguard: but you must maintain pressure on his flanks; close the battle lines in on him and seal them behind him that another attack may not spearhead the breach.

202. A beaten, defeated and decimated collection of troops numbering less than one fifth their original fighting force will dampen an enemy’s ardor and weaken their resolve: the next force to attack will be twice as quick to take flight.

203. Wars are often won in the will.

204. One company resolved to do battle with everything in their being is worth ten times their number in unsteady conscripts: who want nothing more than to retreat to their homes.

205. One fighting man with fire in his soul is a hundred times more likely to defend his way of life than the soft-natured pacifist who idealizes a nonviolent and peaceful world.

206. Peace at the cost of one’s own freedom or life, as the case may be, is no testament to one’s ideology; for who shall embrace that which may not be spoken under penalty of death at the hands of one’s conquerors?

207. The right to speak out against injustice and tyranny is nothing without the ability to safeguard that right from being taken away.

208. The pen is mightier than the sword: the sword ensures ownership of the pen.

209. Simple wisdom has complicated implications.

210. Every slave is a villain in wait, for who has greater desire for bloodshed than he who is oppressed?

211. The yoke, the flail, the lash: these are tools of tyranny.

212. If you would oppress another to do your toil, you strengthen their arms whilst your own weaken.

213. You harbor your own demise in the guise of what you consider property.

214. In all the recorded histories of every nation the world over: slavery has led to the doom of empires once built upon the backs of those they conquered.

215. Never pray for what one could accomplish or acquire on one’s own.

216. If the answer is known, the question is key.

217. If you leap before you look you will oft land on uncertain ground.

218. Consideration should be paid to even the simplest of things.

219. A man who cannot think is less useful than a fool who knows nothing.

220. If you look into the mirror long enough, you will fear what you see.

221. The vibration of strings are inconsequential to the shifting of waters.

222. Perception is a matter of opinion.

223. Never want what you can have.

224. Never keep what you don’t want.

225. Never cast aside today what may be useful tomorrow.

226. The complexity of a task is inversely related to the forethought applied to it.

227. He who stands alone against the wolves, chooses his battles courageously.

228. Beware the pack animals, for they will turn on you.

229. Run not with hounds, but rescue the fox if one can.

230. Count the lives you have touched as if each one were as precious as gemstones.

231. The defense of others is a calling to be respected; lest we be alone in our time of need.

232. Kill not the messenger, strike at they whom sent him instead.

233. If God created man, and the body is inherently dirty, than the problem lies with the manufacturer.

234. Denying one’s nature is akin to lying to one’s self; asininity.

235. The game is always rigged.

236. Avail yourself as powerful a weapon as the laws in your province will afford: and defend your ability to retain it at all costs.

237. A disarmed public is easily controlled: an armed resistance is not.

238. It is only victims who are subject to the whimsy of ne’er-do-wells.

239. Better to be persecuted for defending one’s self, property or others than to be, or allow others to be made, a victim.

240. The fiend who is able to take from society once: will undoubtedly do so twice.

241. A malcontent allowed to succeed in villainy will continue to commit as such.

242. Completeness of self does not come from self-expression, self-expression comes from completeness of self.

243. If those who speak many tongues cannot understand one another; let them all gaze upon their own soul.

244. There is no greater honor one may do a teacher, leader or role model than to fill their shoes and stay the course in their stead.

245. Beware, the path to power often requires stepping on others.

246. The difference between wisdom and satire is relevance to one’s situation.

247. Allow pleasures and pastimes to enhance the quality of your life.

248. Be weary but not devoid of vices; for they often control those who control not themselves.

249. Keep always at arm’s length anyone who’s livelihood depends largely on your opinion of them.

250. No matter how honorable the individual: salespersons and politicians have a vested interest in saying whatever makes you happy.

251. Faith could save the world as easily as it can save a soul; yet religions are intent on destroying it instead.

252. If fate takes us to many places, let us take advantage of the opportunities presented.

253. If music can soothe the savage beast than it can also uplift the soul.

254. Hold never yourself accountable for the actions or inactions of others.

255. Never allow yourself to be misled into thinking that you have any obligations to those who help not themselves.

256. It is only to those willing to act on their own behalf; that one should, when capable, lend support or aid.

257. Take no one for granted, one never knows when they will be gone from your life.

258. Let the richness of your world be forever enhanced by the quality of the company you keep.

259. Mercy is always preferable to slaughter.

260. Be watchful of priestons lest they conceal truths and profess deceits.

261. Write down profound thoughts or conversations so that others may benefit from their wisdom.

262. Divinity lays not at the end of a journey; only the realization thereof.

263. Divinity lays within if one is only but willing to listen.

264. It is necessary to know your limitations if you ever expect to exceed them.

265. If you live only for an afterlife, you will likely squander this one.

266. If you are always prepared to defend yourself than worry not for your own sake; but for those who would attack you.

267. If my cause is just than let the blood of my enemy soothe the tears of their victims.

268. A politicians primary concerns are votes and campaign contributions, have no illusions to the contrary.

269. The annuals of history echo a simple and profound sound to any who would but listen; the great deafening silence of helpless victims laid bare before the tides of unrivaled and wrathful hatred.

270. Some riddles are not worth the risk of solving them.

271. The weapon in my hand is better than the weapon I cannot afford.

272. In a warzone, one should keep their head down, their weapon drawn and their favorite obscene gesture in the air.

273. Man’s creativity expands proportionately to his greed.

274. There are several right answers to all occasions.

275. That which should be, often is not; that which should not be, often is.

276. Soothe sayers who predict calamity are only vying for your attention, that you look not at the man behind the curtain.

278. Fear is the primary weapon of tyranny.

279. Fear is used to convince the masses that they must give up rights, freedoms and liberties in order to be better protected from what frightens them.

280. Fear is what is used to persuade the strays of a flock that it is in their best interest to join the herd.

281. Fear of your neighbor will prevent you from joining forces with others.

282. Fear of outside forces will bond you to the body of oppressors which are your only true threat.

283. Fear of crime is what will allow a body of dissemblers to lock you inside your home in order to better contain your person.

284. Fear of poverty will force you to cling to the economic institutions which cause poverty.

285. Fear of ignominy in the face of public scrutiny is the mode by which those who enforce the social status quo will pressure you to conform to what they ordain “normal.”

286. Fear of being singled out from the group is the persuasion used to force you into being amongst the herd when they throw stones at your fellow human being.

287. Fear is nothing more than an implied threat, no matter who is the one implying it.

289. Fear is the ultimate tool of oppression by which a tyranny is able to enslave those under their control.

290. Fear is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

291. Let not the evil in other’s hearts corrupt your own soul.

292. When confronted with beings of terrible malice, seek solace inside your own benevolence.

293. One must respond to violence with greater force, but let not the seeds of hatred corrupt you.

294. When the battle is done, seek to purify yourself; lest you become that which you fought.

295. Accept responsibility for all you have done, admit when you are wrong and confront the darkest of your thoughts.

296. Guilt and hatred over what you have done, even if for a worthy cause, will darken your soul as efficiently as any venom man yet has knowledge of.

297. It is only through introspection that one may find forgiveness, and in that forgiveness the ability to free yourself from the cancer which eats at your heart.

298. Free yourself from guilt by accepting responsibility for actions.

299. Free yourself from hatred by confronting that which you hate.

300. Free yourself from fear by facing that which frightens you most.

301. Free yourself from doubt by examining the nature of your soul, for it is eternal and glorious.

302. Free yourself, for even the most devout are not uplifted by the Gods, but rather their faith in the Gods.

303. Your God does not free your soul, or cast out demons, nor does your God heal your wounds or cure your illness.

304. Your God only ever unlocks the door to your soul, that your faith may open the door to the wonders you are capable of.

305. You will never know your true power until you discover yourself, wholly and without the trapping of the pettiness found in this world.

306. When you give up your guilt, hatred and jealousy you will find peace in your very soul.

307. Look within yourself and unlock your true potential, you must summon the courage to forgive yourself.

308. There is no greater power known to man than that of the human spirit.

309. The answer you seek is not found beyond yourself, but from within.

310. They say the Gods forgive sins, but it is indeed a great misunderstanding.

311. It is not the Gods who forgive your sins; they only grant you the wholeness of spirit to allow you to forgive yourself.

312. The divinity found within your soul is a direct link to all that is good in the world around you.

313. It is through that connection, that you may find the harmony and wholeness for which we all so desperate yearn.

314. Forgive yourself and be redeemed in the solace of the fulfillment you will find.

315. Let the light of your spirit be a beacon to others in need, that you may help them find the path you walk upon.

316. Usher others to finding happiness, for you will find no greater joy.

317. Take those traditions from what culture you hail from, and take of them that which makes you happiest in the purest sense.

318. Throw off any yokes of oppression which said culture or religion would attempt to shackle you with.

319. You know in your heart what is right: do not turn away from the warmth and light you feel within yourself.

320. Do not allow cult tenders and whoresome fiends to deceive you with honeyed words that are enforced with wicked dogmas.

321. The heart beating in your chest is animated by the spark of life, made present by the existence of your everlasting soul.

322. The foreknowledge that within every living creature is the spark of life and the link to divinity has been intentionally lost to the world.

323. Those whom are worshiped as Gods, preaching from pulpits and living in opulence demand your obedience in order to sustain their power structures.

324. The unholiest of dissemblers have carefully and with great calculation spread deceits in order to attain the power they so fervently cling to.

325. They who would preach of saving you from sin are often the most sinful of all.

326. Examine the lecherous priests, for what could be more unholy than to sully that which is pure and innocent.

327. Examine the warmongering Mullahs, for what could possibly be holy about commanding the murder of innocent lives.

328. Examine the hate spewing reverends, for what could possibly be holy about condemning others for their own sexual hypocrisy.

329. Those who would taint the holy and consume whole the innocence of a child are surely the most unholy of all predators.

330. They who ignore the peace laden words of their own beloved prophet in order to attain seats of power at the cost of human life are surely the most deceitful of all predators.

331. He who would vehemently rail against homosexuals whilst colluding in bathrooms and back rooms with same sex prostitutes are surely the most hypocritical of all predators.

332. Be watchful of those who prey upon innocence, trust and faith; for they walk amongst you.

333. It is only by examining the goodness of your spirit that you may shed light on the darkened words of those who would deceive you.

334. Remember hence forth that darkness hides in the shadow of the light, and will in fact – attempt to masquerade as anything but what it is.

335. There is a great sickness which afflicts the world, it twists the minds of men and infects faster than any plague to have ever ravaged mankind.

336. That sickness is the absolute need which man feels to belong, to be accepted, to be welcomed.

337. Man being a pack animal, can scarcely resist the seduction of what it is to belong to a group.

338. In this need to belong, humans are willing to accept any supposed truth, and commit any wrong in the understanding that what they are doing is right.

339. You must question the group leaders, you must question your political leaders, you must question your religious leaders, and you must question yourself – lest you lose yourself in the tyranny of committing someone else’s evil machinations.

340. Find answers from within; your soul will always commit to you the eternal knowledge of what is good and true.

341. You know in your heart forgiveness is right.

342. You know in your heart love is right.

343. You know in your heart generosity is right.

344. You know in your heart that inflicting pain, suffering and anguish upon others is wrong.

344. You know in your soul that when someone else commands you to harm others, you feel pain because you can feel part of yourself dying every time you commit evil upon another.

345. It is always your choice to make, will you rise against the evil around you; or will you let yourself be corrupted by it.

346. Let not yourself by consumed by what you have seen, or what you have done; for the light burning in your soul is bright enough to shed all such darkness.

347. If you embrace that light from within, you can purify your mind, make whole your body and begin anew as pure as the day you were born.

348. The spark of divinity within you never truly fades, even if you think your actions too evil to seek redemption; the light has not abandoned your soul, only dimmed.

349. Reach within, claim that ember of eternity, stoke the fire of your soul, and let it burn away all malice from your existence.

350. Reclaim yourself from the darkness which once corrupted you, and your soul will be cleansed; find the joy which awaits you.

351. Proof of divinity is within your reach, think of the moments you experienced with those who you loved; friends, relatives, lovers.

352. As you think of those joyous moments, no matter how brief or how few – concentrate your mind of the warmth you feel from within.

353. As you examine that warmth welling from within, see the light of that warmth, pure, soft and enveloping.

354. Let the light come from within you, let it awash your being and bathe you in a feelings of absolute joy.

355. What you felt in these past few moments is the connection you have with everything which is holy, divine, good.

356. Believe not in God if your mind tells you not to, but accept the concept that you are connected to a source of energy which animates you.

357. Man has spent millennia searching for the truth of what to call this connection, and I simply apply the nomenclature with which they are familiar.

358. Even if god were only a figment of man’s incessant need to label a phenomena they do not understand, accept as truth the fact that you have a spark of enchantment within yourself which you can feel and be aware of.

359. Call this enchantment that which you will; soul, spirit, chi, divinity.

360. If Schrodinger’s cat were to teach us anything, it would be that individual perception of reality does not constitute the whole of reality.

361. If you can look within yourself and feel that warmth emanating, the light which you felt envelope you as gently as water, then you have experienced something you may not be able to define.

362. Label this experience what you will, but if experience is a localized phenomena, than what you felt was as real as anything you have tasted with your tongue, seen with your eyes, heard with your ears or thought with your mind.

363. Accept the truth that you have a personal connection to that which is good, and pure and that from this you experienced a joy you have seldom found elsewhere – no matter what you decide to define this as.

364. Remember the messages left to you by those who came before, the ancient ones whose bodies have now become as dust, for their words may grant them immortality on your lips, in your mind and in your heart.

365. Suffer in silence for none but those most important to you.

366. Be keen to the machinations of others, lest you be left exposed to their schemes.

367. The trickster smiles while he dissembles his web of deceptions.

368. A great lie is one laden with truth, discern with care.

369. The simplest of lies are often the most cunning.

370. Any lover who values your ego more than the truth; must never be trusted.

371. If you lay with your lover and they disregard your satisfaction wholly in favor of their own; disregard them from your bed until such a time as reciprocity fulfills both of your desires.

372. If your ego is too swelled to accept that you are failing to fully please your lover; you deserve no lover at all

373. It is only with a lover who is willing to tell you their desires that you should seek lasting union.

374. It is only through willing to be truly vulnerable that you can know your lover trusts you implicitly, with this person you should seek lasting companionship.

375. Be always honest, but never intentionally hurtful to your lover; for word inflicted wounds caused by loved ones last longer and hurt far more than any other injury.

376. Committing to do battle should remain one’s last resort as it is often the least attractive option; yet not necessarily the least advantageous course of action.

377. Discerning the difference between what one needs and what one wants is essential; but be careful not to deprive one’s self of joy in the process.

378. Waging peace is always more difficult than waging war.

379. Beware those bearing false gifts.

380. Rend from your life any who would seek to change you in pursuit of their own preferences.

381. Take not the word of a liar, for their smile, most sincere, is but the grinning of a Cheshire cat.

382. There is no more important task one may undertake than to seek out and develop deep emotional and spiritual ties with your fellow human beings.

383. Dreams are as physically real as any other conscious experience; that’s why you can feel passion, love, hate and fear whilst inside a dream.

384. Love without action is irrelevant; action without love is meaningless.

385. Be suspicious of others, for few if any will ever truly have your best interests in mind.

386. Be suspicious of others, for they often weave much and many a complex web of deceptions.

387. Left un-examined, a bold faced deceiver will easily obfuscate their intentions and motivations in order to convince you they are acting on your behalf.

388. One who tries mightily to convince others to the truth of their convictions; is only attempting to convince themselves that their hollow words hold sincerity greater than their cunning.

389. Concealing a truth is no small task, make not light of this statement.

390. Amongst the echoes of the ages, even to time immemorial; nothing will forever go unknown.

391. The scent of truth is as a delicate and faint aroma blowing in the wind; forever enticing those who would follow its trail.

392. The deepest and most cleverly hidden of secrets will be hunted by those with open minds hungry for knowledge, ever onward seduced by an almost inaudible whisper in the breeze.

393. No matter the strength of an empire, the crass of a military or the subterfuge of an agency; no truth remains veiled forever.

394. No secret remains buried, no truth remains hidden, no event goes completely unnoticed. All knowledge has, is and will be uncovered, discovered and witnessed; this have you read, and having read so, it is as it has always been and will always be, for you have made it so.

395. If the road behind your ancestors has vanished, and the road to your future has yet to be discovered – look ever to the horizon, and strive to walk your own path in this life; for it belongs to no one else.

396. Knowledge is lost to the ages without documentation for future generations.

397. Be weary of rising tides, many drown unaware of the danger present.

398. Far more devastating an issue is resources than politics.

399. If the 20th century was man’s conflict for energy resources; the 21st century will be man’s conflict for water.

400. A wise man can hear the whispers of change in the wind.

401. Never trust your success in the hands of others unless you know their motivations.

402. Never trust your success in the hands of others unless you know their competency.

403. Friendship and money often bring about betrayal; strive to make all arrangements between friends an exchange of favors rather than any form of currency.

404. When they have defensive tools equal to those of attackers, people have the power to protect themselves; once powerless, people can fall victim to any aggressor.

405. Affairs of state are most often decided by those with financial power, not political.

406. If you want to track the course of legislative decisions, you need only trace the trail of money.

407. Strive to understand economics and the geopolitical landscape, lest you be misinformed and caught unaware in time of crisis.

408. The machinations of your leaders are of greater danger to you than the plots of your enemy.

409. Those who plot to have you killed are no more dangerous than those who plot to have you kill.

410. The flowery words of a politician are more dangerous than the hateful threats of an adversary.

411. An adversary commanded to kill you is far less dangerous than the leader who commands you to kill him.

412. He who walks with a cane understands the value of proper footing.

413. When confronted by tyranny, there is always the choice to be made; do you resist though it be your end, or do you capitulate and live under the yoke of oppression.

414. Though a defiant end in the face of great odds may seem heroic, it is at least honorable.

415. To bend before the will of evil, and bow down to the content of the baneful may seem safe; forget not that he who has no rights lives but by the whimsy of his overseers.

416. Would you face your end in order to liberate others, or would you bend at the knee to save yourself?

417. Remember the struggle at Masada and learn from it’s teachings: resist your would be oppressor with everything that you are, lest history forget your strife.

418. If the whole world stand against your vanguard, let your hands be filled with conscience, your mind clarified by moral fiber and your heart inflamed of justice that your enemy will know the measure of your character and lament the coming of battle.

419. Stand ever your ground and let the stones of sinners be cast against you, that if your body is beaten let not your resolve be broken.

420. Advance against your enemy, charge their lines and let the very heavens open up to shine upon your path to victory.

421. If your cause is just, then you must be resolute to your task; be ferocious in your visage and courageous in your action.

422. He who has not a filthy mind, has little imagination.

423. Never bother asking for exceptions to rules when you can accomplish more in a shorter time by finding ways to fluidly adhere to the confines of those rules.

424. Peace: is not swinging the axe.

425. Prayer is less useful than action; if you fail in your endeavor, at least you tried.

426. Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

427. It is not possible to spend your way out of debt, anyone who tells you otherwise is looking to benefit from your misfortune.

428. Beware the nature of your education, ensuring that it provides you information rather than rhetoric, knowledge rather than propaganda.

429. We allowed our universities to become churches, without tell people we were doing so: because we did not know.

430. Never permit to yourself the offense of acting with a slothful mind, always take care to examine information under the lens of a philosophers skepticism, let these be your golden rules: An assertion absent of evidence is a baseless claim. Evidence incapable of withstanding the exacting measures of truth is testimony against it’s creator, supporter, reporter and crier. Truth is that which can be verified and proven to be true, absent of and independent of bias or ideology: all else is opinion, speculation or intentional manipulation.

431. If your ideology is in conflict with reality: it is not reality which is wrong.

432. Few are the victims who will not exclaim that vengeance is justice, it is those voices of reason to whom you must listen, for everyone is a victim in their own eyes and will use that as rationale enough to justify any act of inhumanity which soothes their need for revenge.

433. As one of so select a number, allow my voice to be the one which counsels you not to appease your baser nature: all that is just is never vengeful, all that is vengeful can never be just.

434. Inhumanity is a disease which has ever onward plagued the human soul since time immemorial, self replicating through infestation: echoing through the ages with the sorrow of hate filled tears and the woeful sounds of the broken who’s pain can still be felt.

435. Like a contagion, from one shambling mass where once stood a human being, to a selection of potential carriers, pain and suffering not only lingering within and upon those who suffer but upon those whom they in turn infect with the same venomous poison: sickening the mind, heart and soul of those who would otherwise be innocent of any other crime save for their purity.

436. Know and understand that few are they capable of inhumanity without first being made a victim of it themselves, and although their crimes may be abhorrent or even unthinkable, make strides to find within yourself the kindness, compassion and humility to realize that there go, but for grace or providence, you yourself had you suffered as they.

437. If there is ever hope for mankind to truly abolish inhumanity than victims must be sought out, counseled, cared for, treated with kindness and comforted that they have a chance their contagion be made benign rather than malignant, while those who inflicted this disease upon them are separated from the rest of the society, forever, that they never inflict such crimes on anyone else, even upon each other.

438. The past has only three options, to Mourn, to Celebrate or to study and learn the lessons history would impart to your wisdom. None of these options allows for one to live in the past, history is the domain of those who came before, and attempting to live there: is to exist as a ghost among the dead.

439. Theory ends where reality begins: reality is the final arbiter of truth no matter what a theory predicts.

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Observing Libertarian

I am a Humanist small L libertarian Deontological Minarchist. In that order - As a result of this philosophy: I cannot in good conscience condone the actions of any group, movement or organization which seeks to oppress another individuals human rights. By education I have an Associates of Occupational Studies in Gunsmithing, and am qualified to testify in Open Court on the State's behalf as a Firearms expert. I am also an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor. I am currently in the Process of writing two books on Philosophy

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